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The section below will help you troubleshoot commonly reported problems before contacting support for assistance.

  1. What are the system requirements for ChatRT?
    Just like with Chatroulette or Omegle, your system must have Flash player version 11 or higher. Click here to download and install the latest version of Flash.
  2. Why do I see an empty gray screen and nothing else as soon as I log in?
    You need to use your web browser's Tools/Options menu to clear the browser's cache and delete all temporary Internet files/browsing data. The following are instructions on how to clear the cache for each popular web browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera. After clearing your browser's cache, close all broser windows, open a new window, and you should now be able to login to the chat. If you are still unable to enter the chat, please click here and click on the "Delete All Sites" button to clear your Flash cookies. If you are still unable to enter the chat, please contact support for assistance.
  3. Why do I get a "Nickname unavailable" error when I try to log in as a registered user?
    Make sure you check the "Registered" box under your nickname when logging in. If you still get the "Nickname unavailable" error, please follow all the steps of question #2 above to clear your browser cache.
  4. Why does a gray screen with an "Enter Video Chat" button suddenly appear while I am logged in?
    When you see a large "Enter Video Chat" button appear while you are logged in, it means that you have lost connection to the chat. This can result from our server being restarted or a very slow Internet connection on your end caused by your provider or a loss of WiFi signal. If this happens, you should wait a few seconds and click on "Enter Video Chat" to return to the chat. If you are unable to enter the chat, make sure you are connected to the Internet, refresh the page in your web browser, and try logging back into the chat. If you are unable to log in, try selecting another room and logging in again. If you are unable to log into any room, it is most likely that you have lost your Internet connection or all our servers are down at the same time (a highly unlikely scenario).
  5. Why do I see a large red "Start Video Chat" button which redirects me to another site?
    You are either blocked from the site, or the site is not available in your area.
  6. My webcam does not work, what can I do?
    Click on the "Cam Settings" link below your webcam to make sure you have authorized access to chat application. If you have authorized access, please test your webcam to make sure it works outside of the chat or on other similar sites.
  7. I am logged in, but I can't see any webcams and my user list is empty. What can I do?
    You have most likely lost your connection. To reconnect without having to relog, Click on the "Reconnect" button with the lightning symbol on it next to the search box at top right. If that does not fix it, please make sure the search box is empty, and all the gender filter checkboxes are checked. You can also try changing rooms. If everything fails, then click on  Logout  and log in again. If after relogging, you still can't see any users in any of the rooms, please contact support to report an outage.
  8. Why is there a lag on some user webcams and text chat?
    Sometimes your Internet connection can be slowed down by your ISP or multiple computers streaming video at the same time. If you are on a wireless connection, you can also experience more lag. This is also true with other free video chat sites like Chat Roulette or Omegle.
  9. I am a registered member, why do I need to keep 270 Tokens in my account to broadcast my webcam?
    If you are a male user who has been a member for 30 days or more, you are asked to maintain a minimum of 270 Tokens in your account to continue broadcasting your webcam. If you do not have 270 Tokens, you can remain a registered member and continue using ChatRT without enabling your webcam.
  10. Can I use your site on my iPhone or iPad?
    Yes. You can use ChatRT on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod by installing the Photon app from iTunes or the App Store. You will be able to use all site features except broadcasting your webcam, since Flash does not have support for controlling webcams on mobile devices. Click here for more information on how to add full Flash support to Apple mobile devices.
  11. Can I use your site on Android powered phones or tablets?
    Yes. You can use ChatRT on any Android powered device, since Android fully supports Flash. You will be able to use all site features except broadcasting your webcam, since Flash does not have support for controlling webcams on mobile devices.
  12. How do I close and delete my account?
    To close your account, please click on the "Close my account" link at the bottom of your "My Account" page.

Report Abuse

  1. Please help us keep a fun and safe environment for everyone by reporting users who violate our site rules. You can report abuse by clicking on the "X" button nextto the nickname of the user you would like to report, checking "Yes" for report abuse, providing the reason for your report in the comments section, and then clicking on"Block".

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